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"Wake up... apply for a scholarship!"

Jerry C. Fevrin a citizen of Haiti, OAS Scholarship Recipient Cohort 2014-2015
Host Institution: Université Laval, Canada, Masters in Administration des

How did you find out about the OAS Academic Scholarships and how was the application process?

I knew about the OAS Academic Scholarship since 2005 through a friend. During that period I was interested in getting a scholarship for undergraduate studies. I went to my National Liaison Office (ONE) and I had been advised that the ONE in Haiti provides few considerations for students who are looking for scholarship for undergraduate studies. So, I decided to stay in Haiti doing first my undergraduate in order to get ready to apply for graduate studies. In 2013, I felt ready and I started the process. The process was clear and transparent. I navigated and loaded the application in the OAS website, and then I brought the hard copies with the required support documentations to the ONE. I did not know anybody working there. I believe that my application and grades were strong enough to convince the selection committees to call me for an interview up to the final selection.

What advice and tips would you give to others young fellows when applying for a scholarship?

First of all, I want to say thank you to the OAS because I know well what that means when you have potential and you want to improve them but you don’t have the economic resources to cover expenses abroad at the prestigious school. In my opinion, it does not work to wake up just a morning and decide to apply for a scholarship. It takes a plan well designed to identify: what are your potentials, where are you from and where you want to go. Any young fellows should know that scholarship should not be the shortest way to build personal wealth. They must keep in mind that people (they might never meet) have been generous to believe in change and help them. So they have to keep in mind to give back to their community and to the world. Of course, first they need to have good grades but interests for social development and leadership skills are a must. The field of studies must be well chosen and related to a common wellbeing because a scholarship is more than just an opportunity to get a degree. It opens door, so if you are not ready to exploit, if may be a waste of time and money. Whenever young fellows know clearly what to do they can start looking for information on the webs, check the requirements.

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